Brow adds your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox bookmarks to the OS X Spotlight Service. Spotlight will show the bookmarks (including previews), as it already does now with Safari bookmarks, and will open them with your default web browser. Brow runs as a menubar app or, if you choose, invisible in the background. That's all.

OS X 10.7.4 or later required.
Version 1.0. Free to use. Please report any issue you might experience back to me.
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June 2016: Brow 2 is coming! No additional features, but less UI, just working in the background. No menu bar icon anymore, just a system preference pane. Also, no sandbox, no 'Grant Access' windows. Some bug fixes.


  • Brow reads out your local Chrome and Firefox bookmarks and stores them in a file format Spotlight understands. After Brow has added your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks to Spotlight, it doesn't need to run for your bookmarks still being accessible with Spotlight.
  • When running, Brow monitors your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks and will sync any changes to Spotlight within seconds.
  • Bookmarks brought to Spotlight by Brow will be shown in the Documents section of the Spotlight window, whereas Spotlight will show Safari bookmarks in a distinctive Webpages section.
  • Brow runs in a sandbox and therefore needs your explicit permission to access your Chrome and Firefox bookmark folders as well as the sync data output folder. Brow will ask for such permission at first launch.


Brow 1.0 Main Window

Release Notes

Brow 1.0 (April 2013)

Initial release.

Brow 0.9 (December 2012)

Initial beta release.


Can Brow bring my Firefox and Chrome bookmarks to Alfred?

Yes, it can! Follow this lean tutorial to teach Alfred about your Brow bookmarks.

Brow syncs my Firefox bookmarks, but not my Chrome bookmarks. Is something broken?

Probably yes. Google hasn't really documented the location of Chrome's bookmark file. The same is true for the format of that bookmark file. So Brow takes some educated guesses but may be wrong. If you want to help, please let me know the location of a file named "Bookmarks" that should be located somewhere around ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default, and send me that file for testing purposes.


For a list of known issues with Brow, please see the public issue tracker I've set up for this purpose.